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2002年に『Doghouse Records』のバンド『JOSHUA』のメンバーと『THE ATARIS』のメンバー、Sean Hansen(ショーン・ハンセン)
Keith Bogart(キース・ボガード)Shane Chikeles(シェイン・チケレス)Paul Carabello(ポール・カラベロ)で結成された。

地元でライブを行い、NYにあるNADA RECORDING STUDIOでJohn Nacerio(My CHEMICAL ROMANCE|Armor for sleep|Senses Fail|Matchbook Romance)プロデュースにより、いくかのデモを作成。

その直後、バンドの優れた音楽的才能と独特作詞作曲が『The Ataris』のフロントマン、Kris Roeの目にとまる。Roeの誘いで『The Ataris』のアルバム『Welcome the NIght』に参加。ツアーやコマーシャルを行い注目を集める。

そして2007年、Paul Carabelloは自分の道を選び脱退。Hansen, Bogart, Chikelesは、新たに3人で曲作りに専念しアルバム制作に入りデビューアルバム『SAFE WITHOUT SOUND』を完成させる。

エンジニアには『JOSHUA』のフロントマン、Dan Coutantを迎えミックスにはエモ界のマスターエンジニア、J.Robbinsを起用。

The members of Park Ranger have an extensive musical history behind them. Each have played in several bands in front of audiences all over the world, and achieved some level of success in doing so. Beneath these experiences, however, existed an unrealized potential that demanded to be realized. The members of Park Ranger picked up the pieces immediately following these experiences, regrouped, and wrote what is sure to be one of rock’s best releases of 2008. Safe Without Sound features 13 songs that cover the short history of this great band, but plays like a “best of” compilation. The album performances restore faith in the integrity of good songwriting, musicianship… and just plain heart. Songs like “Flawless is Perfect” and “When to Follow” reveal a sentiment both honest and pessimistic, yet uplifting in it’s melodic mastery and manipulation of key and time changes as if they were played for the very first time right there on the spot. 2008, the year of the Ranger.


1 Safe Without Sound
2 Under New York Trees
3 Flawless Is Perfect
4 When To Follow
5 Politics Are Dirty
6 Best Games Played
7 Expectancy Would Be Shorter
8 Revolutionary Thinking
9 National Act
10 Redefine Great
11 All Wrong, Alright?
12 Distracting Circumstances
13 Language
▼Bonus Songs|Japanese version only▼
14 No For An Answer
15 More Than The Sum Of It’s Parts